Metal Cutting Service: Celebrating 60 years

as the Largest Provider of ISO Certified Band Sawing Services in the US


ISO Certified Notch, Shape and Cutoff Sawing Services

Since 1956 ISO Certified Metal Cutting Service has been providing top quality notch, shape and cutoff sawing services from our 32,000 square foot facility in the City of Industry, CA. MCS ISO certified metal cutting experts  serve many industries requiring the equipment capabilities and material industry expertise that allows them to optimize their material usage.

The MCS Advantage: Why Metal Cutting Service is the Best Choice for Notch, Shape, and Cutoff Sawing Services

MCS has:

  • The most versatile TF/Upright (Vertical) Saws–MCS is the largest provider of vertical saw cutting
  • The largest cutoff saws—allowing the most economic material removal approach
  • 60 plus years of expertise–with the emphasis on high volume and fast turn around times
  • Notch, Shape and Cutoff Sawing specialists ready to support  customers' needs

MCS Notch & Shape Sawing Department

TF/Upright (Vertical) Saws

As the largest provider of this type of vertical saw cutting in the US, MCS Notch & Shape Sawing's versatile machines are able to cut pockets in plates and dies. They also cut circles and rings; notch and shape material; split rings and tubes; and miter cut using the TF (tilt frame) saws. With fast delivery and high volume capability, over 58 years of expertise is applied to every notch & shape sawing order.

Materials that Metal Cutting Service can bandsaw cut include:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Aircraft alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Tool steel
  • Mild steel
  • Superalloys
  • Plastics

Typical MCS Notch & Shape Sawing Jobs

  • "Hot Rod " axles
  • Nuclear submarine stainless bellows
  • Hydraulic valve shape cutting
  • Aircraft landing gears
  • Computer chip manufacturer chambers
  • Small mold pocket cutting
MCS Notch & Shape Sawing Equipment
Vertical Bandsaw Cutting Capacity
2 DoAll Model Zephyr 42" Thick; 26" Throat
5 DoAll Model 2613-3 13" Thick; 26" Throat
1 DoAll Model 6013-3 13" Thick; 60" Throat
2 DoAll Model TF24 24" Square; 45 Degree Head Tilt
1 DoAll Model TF25 25" Square; 45 Degree Head Tilt
vertical sawing services

Cutting 20" thick, 4340 25" Square; 45 degree Head Tilt

vertical sawing service

Cutting a ring from Inconel 718

MCS Cutoff Sawing Department

MCS Cutoff Sawing Equipment
Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting Capacity
3 DoAll Model C-3300NC 13” Diameter; NC Controlled
3 DoAll Model C-4100NC 16” Diameter; NC Controlled
1 DoAll Model C-650NC 26” Diameter; NC Controlled
2 Kasto Win A5.6 22” Diameter; NC Controlled
1 Kasto Win A4.6 17” Diameter; NC Controlled
Abrasive Cutoff Saw Cutting Capacity
2 Supercraft 7 Horsepower 2" Diameter
1 Supercraft 15 Horsepower 5" Diameter
Carbide Extrusion Saw Cutting Capacity
2 Stone Automatic 6" Diameter

With eight NC-controlled bandsaws for better accuracy and high volume, MCS can bandsaw cut bar stock or extrusions in quantities of 1 to over 100,000 pieces. Because of this capability and high level of experience, MCS also cuts blocks on the larger cutoff saws to remove material more economically than vertical bandsawing–passing the savings along to customers.

Materials that Metal Cutting Service can bandsaw cut include:

  • Titanium
  • Mild steel
  • Superalloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Tool steel
  • Aircraft alloys
  • Plastics

Typical MCS Cutoff Sawing Jobs

  • Computer disk drives
  • Dental appliances
  • Computer chip gas valves
  • Aircraft hydraulic valves
  • Oil tool drill bits
  • Aircraft refueling nozzles
aerospace sawing services

Example of cutting: 24" Diameter, 316 S.S. NC controlled cutoff saw with 26" square capacity

cutoff sawing service

3 NC controlled cutoff saws with 13" square capacity, 3 NC controlled cutoff saws with 16" square capacity

We stand behind the MCS Advantage

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