Metal Cutting Service: Celebrating 60 years

as the Largest Provider of ISO Certified Band Sawing Services in the US


ISO Certified Plate Sawing and Contour Sawing Services

With over 32,000 square feet ISO Certified Metal Cutting Service is the one of the largest metal cutting companies in North America. Located in the City of Industry, CA, since 1956  these metal cutting experts are proud to offer the widest range of:

  • Plate Sawing Services
  • Contour Sawing Services

available in the market today. Metal Cutting Service not only has a high level of experience in aerospace metal cutting–they serve many other industries requiring specialty saw cutting services on a variety of materials.

The MCS Advantage: Why Metal Cutting Service is Your Best Choice for Plate Sawing and Contour Sawing Services

MCS has:

  • Over 60 years of large material saw cutting expertise—specializing in the unusual
  • High volume and fast turnaround metal cutting specialists ready to meet all requirements
  • A wider range of material sizes capability– the largest in the US
  • Contour Sawing equipment able to do tight nesting—saving you material costs

MCS Plate Sawing Department

Carbide Plate Saws

With the largest volume capabilities in the US and size capacity in length like no one else, MCS Plate Sawing machines use high speed circular blades for sawing non-ferrous plate. Carbide saws are commonly used for metal cutting aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys in plate or sheet form, although notches can be cut from forgings and extrusions.

Materials that Metal Cutting Service can carbide saw cut include:

  • All non-ferrous materials, but specializing in aluminum

Typical MCS Carbide Plate Sawing Jobs

  • Wing straps 628" and 732" long
  • F15 and F16 wing skins
  • Extrusion notching 300" long
  • Polished plate for aircraft & architectural applications
MCS Carbide Plate Sawing Equipment
Carbide Plate Saw Cutting Capacity
1 Tysamann Aluminum 6" Thick; 90" Wide
1 Tysamann Aluminum 6" Thick; 96" Wide; 384" Long
Band sawing services

US Largest Capacity Plate Saw: 50" Thick x 97" Throat x 250" Long

Plate Sawing Services

Non Ferrous Plate Saw Cutting: 6" Thick x 96" Wide x 384" Long

Bandsaw Plate Saws

With the largest capacity plate saw in the US and the ability to do high volume and quick turn, MCS Bandsaw Plate Saws are extremely versatile. In addition to normal plate sawing, they can be used as extensions of  the notching and shaping capabilities: cutting larger blocks, rings, forgings, etc.

Materials that Metal Cutting Service can bandsaw cut include:

MCS Bandsaw Plate Sawing Equipment
Bandsaw Plate Saw Cutting Capacity
1 DoAll Model 2624-5 Bandmill 24” Thick; 26” Throat; 72” Long
2 Kasto Model U5 Bandmill 21” Thick; 24” Throat; 161” Long
1 Kasto Model Vertical Bandmill 21” Thick; 24” Throat; 48” Long
1 DoAll Model 4835-5 Bandmill 35” Thick; 48” Throat; 156” Long
1 DoAll Model 9750-5NC Bandmill 50” Thick; 97” Throat; 250” Long
  • Titanium
  • Tool steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Superalloys
  • Aircraft alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild Steel

Typical MCS Bandsaw Plate Sawing

  • 40" thick titanium cutting
  • Meteorites
  • Large cross-section pieces for failure analysis
  • Acrylic Art Projects
  • Segmenting 40,000 lb. rings
  • Nuclear Medicine Cores
  • Miter cutting on 50" diameter tubing

MCS Contour Sawing Department

Pan Arm Contour Saws

Able to handle the largest material in the United States, MCS' Pan Arm Saws are capable of contour cutting shapes (360°) in large plate and pocket sawing in die blocks. Near-net shape contour sawing eliminates machining and tight nesting allows you to save on material cost.

Materials that Metal Cutting Service can bandsaw cut include:

MCS Contour Sawing Equipment
Vertical Bandsaw Cutting Capacity
3 DoAll Model “Pan Arm” 21” Thick; 60” Throat; Omni  directional
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Aircraft alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Tool steel
  • Mild steel
  • Superalloys
  • Plastics

Typical MCS Pan Arm Contour Sawing Jobs

  • "Fracture Critical" bulkheads for F14, F15, F16, F18, F22, and the Joint Strike Fighter in both titanium and aluminum
  • Space Shuttle bulkheads
  • Mars Pathfinder enclosure (opening "petal" doors and base), currently on Mars
  • Very large mold pockets
  • Very large aluminum vacuum chambers

Experience the MCS Advantage

With over 60 years of plate sawing and contour sawing expertise, along with the finest equipment in North America, MCS is clearly the best choice for all your metal cutting service needs. Experience the same MCS advantage as John McFawn, Jr.–Contact us today and we guarantee you'll be pleased you did.